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Описание Описание 1. Material: aluminum alloy + acrylic + ABS + silicone 2. Size: 105.1×44.1×11.7mm; Cable length: 150mm; Weight: 68g 3. Interface: Type-c male to USB3.0 socket * 3 + HDMI + Type-c (pd) 4.Type-C female socket (only one-way power supply): support PD2.0; working voltage / current 20V_3A; maximum output power 67W; USB female socket: USB3.0 conventionally supports maximum 500mA output 5. The notebook that supports Type-C interface mainly expands the USB interface; connects the projector and HDTV 6. Compatible with most operating systems on the market such as windows and Mac OS.

Hoco HB15 Easy Show Type-C adapter(Type-C to USB3.0*3+HDMI+PD)

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