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▪️Capacity - 50000mAh 185Wh Rated capacity - 29500mAh (5V TYP 2A)
▪️Input - Micro/Type-C/Lightning: 5V/2A MAX
▪️Output - USB1/2/3/4:DC5V/2A MAX
▪️Total output - DC5V/2A MAX
▪️LED digital display power (activated by pressing the button) : You can check the charged power and remaining power at any time. Double — click the flashlight button to turn it on and off.
▪️High energy efficiency A+ polymer lithium cell.
▪️Material - ABS+PC flame retardant material.
▪️Four USB port output, three input, multiple circuit protection, compatible with more than 99% of mobile phones/tablets and other digital devices.
▪️Size - 165*81*51mm Weight: 1078g

J65B General power bank(50000mAh)

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